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Role Model and Renaissance Man

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Julius Karabinos is an incredibly accomplished man with a a variety of interests* This highly educated 62 year old from Nitra, Slovakia is a phenomenal bodybuilder who inspires people from around the world* Julius also has a fantastic, positive personality and finds a way to connect with international competitors despite any language barriors. Let's here from Julius.

Global Natural 08/2015

Julius, can you tell us about yourself and your family?

I was born on July 14, 1953 in the City of Nitra, where I have lived all my life. I have three children, My son Maros is living with his family In Coventry, England. My daughter Martina and my other son Torres are living In Nitra I have 3 granddaughters; Juliana, Sophie, Tamara; and a grandson Max. Several years aga I got divorced and I have lived with my partner Lenka for the last six years.

 Can you tell us about your career, education, and hobbies?

I graduated from Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, where I studied the science of human nutrition. I got a PhD in genetics later on as well I have studied pedagogics (education) at the Comenius University, and I have reached the highest possible level of educafion In fitness and bodybuilding coaching. I have run my company as a full-time personal coach since 2001. I have helped more than 3000 clients since then- most of them from Slovakia, but some of them from abroad. I had a client from the United States named Brigitte Lovell who works as a doctor In the U.S.A. and her grandmother Is living near me In Nftra, I used to be very keen breeder of reptiles before I started my professional coaching career.
I was running the Herpetological and Terroristic Center and a mini zoo in Nibara and kept over 200 specimens of various snakes, lizards and crocodiles there. We were very well known and I got to work with an American producer on the movie Kull the Conqueror in 1996.1 spent a fair bit of time on the set working wrh my snakes and actors Kevin Sorbo and Tia Carrere. I was invited to the International Congress of Herpetology In 1997, where I presented some of my findings and case studies from our practice. I love to travel and I appreciate every minute spent outdoors in the beautiful Slovak nature. I like to travel to new places and meet new people with Lenka. Our visit to California in 2013 is still unforgettable. We visited Las Vegas, San Diego, Hoover Dam, National Park Fire Stone- all thanks to our triends who live there, Robo Lukac who become our local guide; and Rado Pagac, who is living there and running his own gym in the city of Dana Point.

 What an amazing life Julius! Can you tell us how you get started in bodybuilding?

I have been active In bodybuilding since I was 22, always helping to organize competitions, working with clubs, coaching arid judging competitions, I was o member of the high sports committee in Slovakia, but bodybuilding had o hard time under the Communist regime. I was critical too often in my articles addressing the very bad situation of bodybuilding. There were no gyms, almost no equipment except for weights, there were no public money spent on bodybuilding, and we had ia cover oil ot our expenses. My straight and open approach made me persona non grata. The 1984 Olympic Games In Los Angeles were boycotted by Czechoslovak sportsmen and I criticized this move. I had to step down from the sports committee and I was persecuted since then, I had a problem finding a job and I had to work as a laborer for some time. All has changed after the revolution and fall of Communism In 1989.

You have courage Julius and you paid a great price to support athletes! When did you first start training and what got you started training?

I storied when I was 14, exactly in December 1967. I got inspired by photos of Steve Reeves, Frank Zane, Larry Scott, Dave Draper, Arnold's photos and so on. I met my childhood hero John Grimek in 1983 when he visited Czechoslovakia in search of his family roots.

When did you start competing in bodybuilding and what got you started?

I organized and attended competitions in 1981, 1982 and 1984. These were very first natural competitions, all af them took place in Nitra. I had a rather long break later on, I gat lazy and put an a lot af weight.

We are glad you are back in the sport! Can you tell us about your history in natural bodybuilding - including some of the titles you have won and what organizations do you compete in?

I have started with competitions from various fitness magazines after years of resting, I won DO FORMY 2000 and DO FORMY 2001 with Muscle Fitness, 2003 Postova Snow run by a Czech magazine Fitness, and I won the 2014 Grand Prix of the Czech magazine Svet Kulturistiky. Only in 2007 ot 54 years old did I had enough confidence to compete at the first natural competition in Prague. I finished seventh in the Masters 40 plus. I was sixth in Masters 50 plus in 2C08 and third in Mixed Couples at the UIBBN World Championships on the Island of Guadeloupe, In 2013 I was first in the Ultra Masters INBA World Championships and 2nd in the Ultra Masters at the 20i3 INBA Natural Olympia In 2014,1 was first in the INBA World Championships in Nitra in the 60 plus category, and came in third place in the over 50 class.

You are an absolute role model for what someone can achieve In their 60's! Can you tell us about the style of training you use and about your diet?

My training is definitely different from what I used to do 40 years ago. I don't use any heavy weights now, but I use my brain instead. I am trying to focus my mind on a particular muscle or muscle group during the training. I would call it mental experience training, not far from meditation really. That is why I prefer to exercise on my own at my home gym without any distractions. I have Millenium Fitness gym for clients in Nitra and my partner Lenka is helping with lady clients. I have four training days in a week, with cardio for conditioning every day- mostly biking and fast walking. I like to use the method of drop sets a few weeks before of any competition. I have to be careful with my diet, as I am put on fat very easily. Preparation for any competition is very strict, only proteins and a minimum amount of sugars to reach desired muscle definition.

Can you tell us about bodybuilding in Slovakia?

I have initiated establishment of SANK/INBA SLOVAKIA in 2011 and I have become its first president. Our representants got an official chance to enter INBA competitions. I stepped down in March 2013 after the initial push and very promising start of our organization. My friend Viliam Rigo has become a new president of INBA Slovakia and I have focused on competitions.

You seemed to be connecting with people from around the world at the Natural Olympia- what can you tell us about your experience at this event?

I became the European and World Champion in 60 plus class in 2013 and 2014. The absolute peak of my sport career has been the Natural Olympia 2013 in San Diego. It was one of the best competitions ever with superb sportsmanship, and a fantastic organization and show. I greatly respect Denny and Diana Kakos for this, and they really have my admiration for their achievements. I have met many bodybuilders and fitness ladies at the Natural Olympia and many of them become my friends. That is including you, Eric!

Thank you Julius, you brought the greatest positive attitude and sportsmanship to the show!

What are your future competition plans?

 I have decided to take a rest this year. I am not sure if I will stay idle until autumn, but I will try. I really believe that we going to meet each other at the Natural Olympia again.

What are you goals for bodybuilding and for life?

Natural bodybuilding is my lifestyle. I have dedicated whole my life to it, apart from a short break. It keeps me young physically and mentally. I really believe that I can keep it up like this for a long time. Natural bodybuilding is not only a sport, it is a philosophy very much connected to the Greek idea of kalokagathia (complete and harmonious in mind, body, and spirit).

vyšlo v časopise Global Natural (USA) v auguste 2015
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