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Rules of the Spring Challenge

1.Every citizen of Slovakia, Czech Republic, as well as other european and non-european countries, that is at least 15 years of age by the day of application balancing, can take part in the Spring Challenge.
Spring Challenge is available for all those who participated (not concerning the result) or participate in any similar competition in printed or elecetronic media.
3.Spring Challenge is not available for active competitors in body building (including classical and natural), fitness or bodyfitness, who have competed in year 2003 or later.
4.Take a photo of yourself and random magazine – monthly (February or March edition 2017), which is about reduction, fitness, body building, wellness, health or life style.
You can hold the magazine in your hand, but it has to be visible in the photo. In application form you specify the name and number of the magazine, which has to have its own webpage (also specified in application form).

One of the conditions of participation is on time sent (till 21th March 2017), correctly filled in application form, electronically sent photo and registering yourself at www.karabinos.sk , or transferring 10 €  (170,- Kč or 9 Dollars) to account 125642162/0200. IBAN for eurozone:  SK6702000000000125642162


Rules of the competition:

a) filled out electronic application form which you can find here...,

b) paid 9$ competition fee to the account #... 

7.Competition deadline is June 21st. You have to submit your "after picture". With a June issue of the same magazine you used for your "before picture" 

Caregories (10 age categories) Women and men separately:

15-20 years old, 20-25 years old, 25-30 years old, 30-35 years old, 35-40 years old, 40-45 years old, 45-50 years old, 50-60 years old, 60-70 years old, more than 70 years old

The age division you will be competing in is based on your actual age before June 21st.

9.The results together with photos of succesful participants will be published on my webpage by the 30th of June 2017. Photos of winners and finalists will be handed over to webpages of the magazines. We think that every magazine will be happy about and advert of this kind and will gladly publish your photos. Be far-seeing when choosing your magazine.
10.Most successfull competitors will recieve medals and prizes.


  • "Before picture" as well as "after pocture"should be taken in bikini(women) and shorts(man). Make sure you catch the whole body in front position. This will help us during the final comparison. We will make sure your picture won't be used for any other purposes rather then the competition. It's up to you if you submit your "before picture" at the beginning of the competition or at the end together with your "after picture".
  • By submitting your application you agre on releasing your personal physical information (such as before and after measurements and your body weight) to a media. If you don't agree please inform us by mail sent to Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovými robotmi, potrebujete mať zapnutý Javascript aby ste ju mohli vidieť.
  • Most important criteria deciding about your actual placing in the competition will be visual difference between your "before and after picture" your measurements will be considered as well though. But the most important will be visual changes on your pictures!
  • Competitors can start immediately. Make sure the magazine you are using for your picture is either February or March issue.
  • The judge panel will be choosen by Julius Karabinos. The judges will be successfull people from the fitness and health industry who fully understand the weight loss process.
  • Each successfull competitor will recieve the certificate about finishing the competition and a top finishers will recieve diplomas, medals and prizes.
  • You can send the application with your picture also via mail but the latest stamp at the beggining of the competition is March 20th and at the end June 15th!
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